Solid Brass Pocket Compass: The Moral Compass
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Solid Brass Pocket Compass: The Moral Compass

Solid Brass Pocket Compass: The Moral Compass
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Solid Brass Pocket Compass: The Moral Compass
The Moral Compass is a solid brass 3" diameter pocket compass engraved with an inspiring quote suggesting personal conviction and integrity. Like so many of The Compass Company collection of engraved compasses, this 'moral compass' was created by one of our customers. We liked the end result so much we added it to our collection of ready engraved compasses for fast ship.

This solid brass pocket compass is already engraved, in stock and ready to ship.

A beautiful solid brass reproduction of a large antique pocket compass. There is a small lever on the side of the compass that operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. The compass is 3" in diameter, 11/16 inch thick, and weighs 8.4 ounces. The compass rose is graduated in degrees and has a standard surveryor's 0-90 degree scale from North to South.

Your Pocket Compass will come in a black drawstring pouch and black pinstripe gift box. It will be engraved on the top cover with the engraving shown in the graphic picture on the top of this page.


Cherry Presentation Box
Add an elegant Cherry Presentation Box to your Large Brass Pocket Compass. The interior of this Cherry Presentation Box has been specially die cut to hold and protect your keepsake compass while not in use. (NOTE: The compass and the cherry presentation box are sold separately)
Cherry Presentation Box CPBbr
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