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The Compass Company our story

The Compass Company our story
Make Voyages. Attempt them. There is nothing else. -Tennessee Williams

It is with the journey in mind that The Compass Company has evolved. It strikes me that a compass is a good thing to take on the voyage. Our 'gifts of direction' commemorate and celebrate relationships, milestones, successes, accomplishments, and achievements.

My own voyages have always begun with a certain job or role in my life - colleague, business associate, teacher, student, partner, parent, sales executive, friend, (dog lover!!). The course has not always seemed clear, the destination often changed along the way, and the territory was, for the most part, uncharted. In the end, as is often said, it was not the destination but the journey that mattered. It seems we are always coming or going and the opportunities to celebrate, commemorate and motivate are endless.

A job well done

A project completed

A year "kicking-off"

A sales year "closed "

A new career, a promotion, a retirement

*A life begins

An education-

Or perhaps just a reminder that says "stay your course, and always find YOUR direction!"

Thank you for visiting The Compass Company, we look forward to assisting you on your travels.

Bonnie Breslin, Proprietor

Custom Engraved Orders require additional process time.